The Akoben is a war horn,

the ancient Adinkra symbol signifies

a call to serve and struggle for the community.

Akoben Foundations

The Akoben team believes in the power of transformation of:

  • - Ourselves
  • - Our youth
  • - Our community
    We lead the struggle to positively affect change through effective programs, presentations, workshops, and consultations.
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We cultivate relational leadership in organizations to improve community functioning.


We lead in the struggle to positively transform how leaders of 1,000 organizations serve their people and how community members serve each other.

Our (r)evolutionary practices evolve with time, like our commitment, passion, & curiosity. As we move forward, we will....

- Deepen our impact through writing, presenting and training on the relationship between cultural relevancy & equity, restorative practices and trauma-informed care.

-Expand our reach and effectiveness through recruitment of dedicated and talented facilitators, speakers and trainers that are committed to the Akoben vision and mission.

-Build restorative approaches to discipline, change mindsets and improve skills and education inside of schools and organizations to better serve youth, families and communities as a whole.