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Basics of Restorative Practices Poster

Basics of Restorative Practices Poster

$3.00 single Poster or $50.00 for 25 Posters

This poster has all of the basic elements of Restorative Practices, including the Social Discipline Window, Compass of Shame, Restorative Questions and Ingredients to an Affective Statement. Perfect to hang in classrooms, offices and hallways! Dimensions: 11″w x 17″h

Restorative Practices Affective Statement Cards

Restorative Questions/Affective Statement Index Cards

Pack of 50 ($10.00)

A useful tool for practitioners and those learning about Restorative Practices, these two-sided cards feature the restorative questions (front side) and ingredients to an affective statement (back side) to encourage reflection and discussion in the event of harm.

Our Circle Norms Poster

Our Circle Norms Poster

$3.00 Single Poster or $50.00 for 25 posters

This poster prominently displays a set of circle norms that can be used to promote openness, respect and foster authentic connection between participants. Perfect to hang wherever we come together to Circle up! Dimensions: 11″w x 17″h

Restorative Questions Cards

Pack of 100 ($10.00)

Designed for easy reference in the event of a conflict, these wallet sized cards feature questions to ask those who have caused harm (front side) and questions to ask those who have been harmed (back side).

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